From state to market: the Nicaraguan labour market for health personnel

"...Few countries in Latin America have experienced in such a short period the shift from a socialist government and centrally planned economy to a liberal market economy as Nicaragua. The impact of such a change in the health field has been supported by the quest for reform of the health system and the involvement of external financial agencies aimed at leading the process. However, this change has not been reflected in the planning of human resources for health. Trends in education reflect the policiesof past decades. The Ministry of Health is the main employer of health personnel in the country, but in recent years its capacity to persuit new personnel has diminished. Currently, various categories of health personnel are looking for new opportunities in a changing labour environment where new actors are appearing and claiming an influential role. It may take more than political willingness from the government to redefine the new priorities in the field of human resources for health and subsequently turn it into positive action..." (Au)(Sign-in/subscription is necessary for full-text)

Autor(es): Nigenda, Gustavo, Machado, Maria Helena Creador(es): Oxford Journals
Recursos añadido en: 20/12/2000
Idiomas disponibles: Inglés
Personal de Salud, 16048, Equity, Health Services Accessibility^util
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